Is it raining where you are? ''Ark's R Us' is going to have a field day if it's going to continue to rain like this!

If you don't want an Ark - how about escaping to a sunnier climate for a few days? By asking for a review, we might be able to save you some money on your protection policies or improve your income from savings and investments!


Good morning everyone.

Box Financial Planning is pleased to announce we now have our first few clients and so the excellent opening offers are being claimed!

Should you want the chance to open one of our personal offer envelopes, please contact us soon as possible!

Pensions and Individual Savings Accounts

We shall shortly be entering the end of tax year! Therefore it would seem to make sense that now is an ideal time to start to think about your Pension and Individual Saving Accounts (ISA).

Why? Well with regard to ISA's, once the 5th April 2014 ends, any unused ISA allowance for the 2013-14 Tax Year is lost for ever. Pensions are alas more complex, but any unused allowance for the tax year 2010/11 is also lost.

So what can be done? The easy answer is to ask for a review!

Nearly Two weeks in

Well, it’s nearly 2 weeks since the launch of Box Financial Planning.

We thought it would be really easy to get the various agreements in place with the main providers and support firms. We had been told, they check the FCA register (as they should) to ensure only authorised advisory firms are able to get those agreements.

What could be easier?

Welcome to Box Financial Planning

Well, it's the 2nd January 2014 - whats happening?

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